5 Fun Things to do at the nearest beaches from Goa airport

Among the popular metropolis stands the ‘land of party’, Goa, with an unparalleled charm and beauty. With a kaleidoscopic mix of Indian and Portuguese culture, this destination is blessed with places worth appreciating. The vivid and varied landscapes, the lively and sandy beaches, the beautiful resorts in Goa, the appetizing seafood, the happening nights and much more invites thousands of people to Goa throughout the year. The one thing that allures the thrill seekers from all over the country is the plentitude of adventure activities. So, the next time when you are near the Goa airport, do make it a point to indulge in these activities-

1)Knee Boarding

Different from the normal water sports, Knee Boarding is comparatively a new water sport. This is a stepping stone before trying out much complicated water sports, including Wake Boarding and Paddle Boarding. Using a board to position your knee, you are tied to a watercraft and then pulled by it as you zip over the gushing waves of the sea. Goa is the only destination which hosts this thrilling water sport. So while planning your trip to Goa, don’t miss out on adding this to your bucket list. The waves of Mobor Beach, Rajbaga Beach and Candolim Beach are the best for Knee Boarding.

2)Scuba Diving

The waters that envelope Goa’s spectacular beaches harbors a diverse variety of marine life, waiting to be explored. It enables you to dive right into the shallow waters and lets you explore the colorful underwater world. Indulge in this astounding activity full of thrill and adventure in the beaches nearby the Goa International Airport. Bogmalo Beach just a 7 minute drive from the Goa International Airport is known to be the best spot for witnessing the colorful corals, spectacular shells and vibrant aquatic beings. Dauna Paula, Grande Island and Sail Rock are the other spots.

3)Wind Surfing

With a thrilling merge of sailing and surfing, Windsurfing is an exciting activity to engage in. The locals and tourists are always keen in exploring the sheer energy of the coastline of Goa boasted by the picturesque beaches. This is one such water sport, which requires balance and strength. There are tons of beaches where you could head to from your resort in Goa. Lift up the sail and surf at few of the popular beaches such as Colva beach, Miramar Beach, Benaulim Beach and Dona Paula Beach. The beginners are advised to try their hand in windsurfing early in the morning as the breeze and the waves are calm. Experts can challenge their skills during afternoon with deep waves.

4)Hot Air Balloon Flight

Take a pleasant break from embarking on a journey under the sea and catch a breathtaking glimpse of the entire city while you fulfill the childhood wish of flying in the sky. Hop on a Hot Air Balloon ride to create an unforgettable experience in the sky while you are up in the air, surrounded by fluffy white clouds. Assolda Ground is the place where Hot Air Balloon Flight rides are hosted. The 3 hours long ride will give you the bird’s eye view of the Goa city. The best time to go for this aerial activity is early in the morning when you can catch a glimpse of how the state looks like during sunrise.

5)Jet Skiing

If you are a rider or someone who loves to ride along the edge of the air, then Jet Skiing would surely give you plenty of joy. Jet Skiing is basically a thrilling blend of motor bike and water. Ride along the waves of the crystal clear water and dash through the waves for a different experience altogether, and if you are lucky, you might spot dolphins too. Cidade De Goa, Majorda Beach and Dona Paula Jetty are the go to places for an exceptional Jet Skiing experience while you stay at a resort in Goa near beach.