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A Foodie’s Guide: 5 Irresistibly Delicious Dishes that you have to try in Goa

The cuisine of Goa has been shaped by the confluence of various cultures over the years. The end result is undoubtedly a delicious medley, known as the authentic Goan cuisine. This cuisine is characterized by its liberal use of spices and condiments, which is quite natural, considering the fact that this state falls under a tropical climate.
Some of the standard ingredients used in Goan cuisine are rice, fish, seafood, meat, vegetables and coconut. Kokum (a kind of fruit), is another ingredient which finds its presence in nearly all the dishes of this region. When you are staying in restaurants in Colva or restaurants in Panjim Goa, you would get the best of Goan recipes, and in this blog we bring the top 5 dishes in Goa, which you should treat your taste buds to:


This is a dark red side dish made of prawn, fish, or pork, marinated in cider or malt vinegar, stored just like a pickle. When cooked in a traditional style, it is prepared from dried shrimp (galmbo). It has a lip-smacking spicy taste, with coconut vinegar giving it a sharp flavor while cane vinegar makes it mild.

2.Ambotik curry

The spicy and tangy Ambotik curry is made mainly using fish, but can also be prepared with calamari or shrimps. Ambot means sour in Konkani language and as the name implies, the curry is very tangy. The main ingredients of the curry are tamarind, vinegar and red chili. Mackerel and Kingfish are the choice of fish for this curry. You can have it with rice or pao (bun). It is commonly served in most of the restaurants in Colva.


‘Vin’ comes from the word vinegar and ‘ahlo’ means garlic in Portuguese. It is said that this dish was previously called Vindahlo but because of the use of potatoes, folks started calling it Vindaloo (aloo means potatoes). The dish consists of pork, onions, chillies, garlic along with vinegar and other spices. Masala is prepared using the chillies and other ingredients, and is then mixed with meat and vinegar. This mixture is stored overnight. The dish is then friend using onions and other herbs. The older the dish gets, the better it tastes as the meat gets marinated properly and absorbs the flavours.


‘Soro’ is a Konkani word that translates to alcohol or liquor. Sorpotel (also known as sarapatel) is a famous Goan delicacy. Pork, beef or mutton liver are used for preparing this dish. The meat is parboiled and the fat is fried. Onions, garlic and the masala prepared are added along with other spices and herbs. Sorpotel can be consumed any time of the day; however, some people prefer it to have it for breakfast.


This dish is a stew of red beans and pork. Goan Feijoada is a Portuguese influenced recipe. Salted pork, masala and red beans are combined and fried to prepare this dish. Coconut milk may be added instead of water for the gravy as the milk adds a unique flavour and give a thicker consistency. Goan Feijoada is usually served with rice. Some of the restaurants in Panjim, Goa are known for serving this stew.