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Business Trip to Bhiwadi? Make it a Short Getaway with These Locations!


Balancing work and personal life is a tough task in today’s day and age. With expectations of meeting deadlines and achieving targets, it’s a challenge to take out some time to just relax and do nothing. Though business trips can be hectic, some joie de vivre (joy of life) won’t do any harm to you. Bhiwadi, a town located on the border of Rajasthan and Haryana, is also as a major industrial town in India attracting business enthusiasts from all over the world. So while you plan a business trip to Bhiwadi, make it a short getaway instead and head to these beautiful gems surrounding the town:

1. Damdama Lake (36.1 km)

Calm, peaceful and serene; Damdama Lake is the ideal destination you can unwind after a busy day in Bhiwadi. Sprawling over a vast expanse of 3,000 acres, it is the biggest lake in Haryana. Encircled by the beautiful Aravalli hills, the place boasts a picturesque topography. Pack your lunch from the hotel in Bhiwadi you’re staying at and have a picnic on the tranquil banks of the lake while you engage in bird watching.

2. Farrukh Nagar Fort (41 km)

Dating back to 18th century, Farrukh Nagat Fort is a historical place to visit near Bhiwadi. This octagonal shaped fort has an immensely impressive Mughal architecture. The fort houses a Jama Masjid, Sheesh Mahal and Baoli, which bring a sense of wonder to all the history buffs. Among the three gates, Dilli Darwaza, adorned with artistic bastions, never misses to be in the frames of every shutterbug.

3. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (41.3 km)

Located in the vicinity of Sultanpur village, this bird sanctuary is one of the places to visit near Bhiwadi. This lush green spread is embellished with various kinds of shrubs, trees and bougainvillea. A visit to this natural paradise will be a soul soothing trip after a busy day in Bhiwadi. The sanctuary is known for its commendable number of bird population, migratory as well as residential birds. Asian Koel, Eurasian Golden Oriole and Black-crowned Night Heron are said to be the famous species here.

4. Vijay Mandir Palace (88 km)

If you are in mood to explore something royal, then a visit to Vijay Mandir Palace should be on your itinerary. Built by Maharaja Jai Singh, the palace is known for the splendid architecture, which is quite a treat for the eyes. It consists of 105 rooms each with a panoramic view of the lake and the lush green garden surrounding the palace.

5. Siliserh Lake (102 km)

Planning to indulge in something fun and adventurous after your business trip in Bhiwadi? Think no more and head to Siliserh Lake. Spread across 7 sq. km., the lake carries a tranquil aura, which soothes your mind at any time of the day. Established by Maharaja Vinay Khan in the year 1845, the lake is now known as a popular picnic destination in Rajasthan. Spend a few hours gazing at the vast lake or try your hands on motor boating at Siliserh Lake while heading back to home from Bhiwadi.