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Royal Dining

Bijolai, A Treehouse Palace Hotel, Jodhpur

Bespoke royal dining spaces are perched all across the property serving Gourmet delights, invigorating the sense of taste.


Overlooking the Bijolai Lake & the Lush Gardens on either side, Swan is made of a subtle inviting ambience and is the best place to enjoy delicious cuisines from around the world. As its namesake suggests, the theme is that of the Swans that inhabit the Bijolai Lake. The delights served here are Gourmet in nature and are made by our well trained Chefs, with a great passion for the culinary art.

Bijolai Bagh

As its Namesake, the Bijolai Bagh is an exclusive dining option that is an alfresco, just beside the Bijolai Lake. Enjoy the best of World Cuisine in this exclusive promenade available only on prior reservation.

Bijolai Lake Side Terrace

The Resonance of Wind, Water and Music comes alive on the Bijolai Lake Side. Again very exclusive and special, absolutely entertained with live music and always serving the best Gourmet Delights, this place is a creator of vivid memories! This Specialty Dining is available only on request.
mandore terrace: This Private Dining at the Bijolai Palace is for the extremely exclusive. Please call us on +91 291 516 200 to know more.