• A experiential heritage hotel in Jodhpur
    Bijolai, A Treehouse Palace Hotel, Jodhpur
  • A experiential heritage hotel in Jodhpur
    Bijolai, A Treehouse Palace Hotel, Jodhpur
  • A experiential heritage hotel in Jodhpur
    Bijolai, A Treehouse Palace Hotel, Jodhpur


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Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel, Jodhpur

The Resonance of Water, Wind, Music and Gourmet delights is essentially what brings to life the Bijolai Palace, a Treehouse Palace Hotel in Jodhpur, the city where you breathe the air of Royalty.

The Palace

A sprawling Royal Palace built in the 19th century by the ruling family of Marwar-Jodhpur; is nestled snugly amidst the Aravali hills surrounded by its very own private Lake, the Bijolai Lake, creating an oasis in the desert. The Living Space in the Palace comprises of 30 rooms and thematic suites that are elegantly appointed with thoughtful amenities. The living spaces at the Palace either overlook the verdant courtyards and gardens or the rustic expansive landscape of the Aravalis or the Bijolai Lake itself. It exceeds the bespoke requirements of an arbiter of taste looking for leisure retreats.

Water, a constant quest

The Water in the Bijolai Lake is the first element that forms the very character that defines the Bijolai Palace.
Marwar, its sandy plains, its great forts and fortresses, palaces and ruined structures is the epitome of grandeur and the vivacity of the Thar Desert. What most of us overlook is that Marwar is indeed the land of desert with its severe dearth of water. There is little water but enough colour and life, there is little verdure, but enough forbearance. Life in the Thar is a perpetual quest for water. For several years the people of Marwar continue to gaze the ever eluding clouds, in quest of water!
The Bijolai Lake, surrounding the Bijolai Palace, an exemplary of scientific and an architectural marvel, is perhaps the answer to this great quest of Water. The lake was birthed out of the vision of Maharaja Takhat Singh, in the 19th century, so as to have sustainable water harvesting in the dry lands of Marwar. The Lake collects Rain Water emerging from the Aravalis and is almost over 45 feet in depth. It has been engineered to perfectly flow into the entire Palace, and create an Eco-system within. The water is channelized into the Palace and is stored in a Beri, which is a Percolating Well, that serves as the source of water for not only the needs of the Hotel, but also naturally serves the needs of the foliage inside and surrounding the Palace. The first of the Gardens of the Palace has been named after ‘water’, The Beri.


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The invigorating Wind

The Aravalis bring into the Palace, not only Water, but also Wind, which is invigorating in many ways. Once you step into the Palace, you will find yourself in a region of light breeze. The flow of Wind through the Palace can be noted by the many flowing drapes tastefully upholstered all through the Bijolai Palace.

There are several open spaces, in the form of Courtyards, Gardens and Terraces that endeavor to make all evenings charming, that have these drapes, vividly flowing, marking the flow of Wind in the Palace.

The Bijolai Music

The Music of Bijolai is a subtle but definitive entanglement of the Traditional Marwari folk music and the scintillating World folk music. It is a healthy combination of vibrant notes of Blues and Jazz along with a tinge of Melancholy of the Marwari Folk attached to it, as this is the Land Of the Desert with its perpetual dearth of water.

While you stay with us at The Bijolai Palace, you will wake up to the unalloyed tunes of the Santoor and through the day hear the subtle melodies of the wind through the sound of wind chimes. In the evening we have exclusive live music on the Bijolai Terrace, playing soulful rhythms from rural Rajasthan! Together with ever palatable Gourmet food, several conventional and unconventional recreational activities like Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Billiards and service ‘Dil se’ (From the heart), The Bijolai Palace is one to be experienced from all the senses along with the true essence of Indian Royalty in the Grand city of Jodhpur!

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What Our Guests Say

Niitjodhpur staff get together partyMukesh B

It’s a nice ? location worth visiting, both on family or business occasions. Cool heritage looks yet well maintained, good ? food and service ofcourse. Approach road is bit rough and not lighted. Else sight scene is nice.

Best in jodhpurLucykhan

Just spent a fantastic 3 nights staying in this heritage hotel. Rooms are comfortable and there is a wonderful rooftop restaurant with views overlooking a lake with many geese on it and on there other side there beautifully manicured garden. Staff couldn’t do enough for you and the food is delicious. Very peaceful. Only downside is that the Wi-fi is only in reception. You will also need a car to get into jodhpur.

Lovely Place881preetia

Nice serene place to unwind yourself. Located away from the city amidst lap of nature. Good food, good friendly staff.
Only drawback was its Spa which is below standard for the price and they should either stop spa services or really need to improve on it.
Overall a lovely experience.


Where to Find Us

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    Bijolai palace, Near Kailana Lake, jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003

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    +91 09982337333

  • Distance from Domestic Airport

    16 (Kms)

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