Why is exploring Goa during off season a best call?

Goa is one of the best destinations in India where travelers visit throughout the year. Some travelers
prefer to visit Goa during winter season (October to March) as it is considered as the best time to explore
this beach destination of India. In last five years, more and more travelers have visited Goa during this
peak period which resulted in overcrowded beaches, hotels and restaurants. During the peak season, the
cost of everything goes almost double means your expense will be doubled as compared to off-season
(April to September).

There is a misconception in the mind of most of the travelers that visiting Goa during off season will not
be as excited as going there in best season. But if they look to explore the real beauty of Goa and want to
taste the delicious & well cooked Goan cuisines at reasonable prices then off season is the best time for
them. April, May and June are the months when Goa has a less crowd and clean beaches which give a
pleasant feel to the travelers. During these three months, hotels and restaurants owners cut down their
prices to attract more visitors.

Be it a solo trip, a couple trip or family one, you will surely enjoy some of the fabulous time in Goa
during these three months. Here is a list of benefits of exploring this destination in off season:

 Less financial pressure on your pocket
 More accessibility of alternatives
 Less crowd, maximum enjoyment
 Attractive discounts on almost everything
 Best hotel deals with better amenities
 Less expense on travelling

During this season, you can easily save a good amount of money on accommodations, air tickets and
restaurants’ bill. Getting good hotels in Goa in a limited budget can also be reality during off season.
Among all the hotel chains, Treehouse Hotels has some nice and beautiful hotels & service apartments
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The hotels and service apartments provide an ideal spot to the visitors to rejuvenate their spirits and
deepen their immense love for Goa. Most of the properties of Treehouse are located close to the beaches
and some of the popular eateries & restaurants. To enjoy a vibrant nightlife, there are also some finest
clubs where you can shake your body on some peppy numbers. So come to Goa in this summer and add
some lively memories to your life!